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Yung Joc has let his emotions spill online as he comes to grips with how evil the world has become as of recently.


On Friday (May 12), the “I Know You See It” rapper uploaded a video on Instagram of him shirtless and crying while clasping his hands and looking upward throughout the video. In the caption, Yung Joc broke down the reason why he decided to share the jarring video

“Raw Emotions…….,” he began. “No hiding behind facades…….Can I cry in front of the world? Why amI crying. This world is such a wicked place at times…. Our kids are dying before they can live in these streets… Our homes are filled with hate because it’s all around us.. Destruction is prevalent…. drugs are running rampant in our community……”


He continued: “So many are confused…. Ascension is a necessity…….. Let it out in front of the world…….. do you ever feel like just letting it all out? Some will laugh and that’s expected… Some will tap in to see if I’m ok and that’s appreciated….. I begging for mercy on all of us no soul unaccounted for…. I Love You [praying hands].”

Many people in Joc’s comment section showed support for him freely expressing his unfiltered feelings.


Soulja Boy said: “You got this. Stay strong [muscle emoji] and focused. Crying doesn’t make you weak not being able to express yourself does.”

“This [100 emoji] Joc depression, sadness, putting on a face to make everyone else happy is happening everyday. Pray you get thru whatever you going thru,” Clarissa Shields added.

In other Yung Joc news, the Atlanta rapper visited Vlad TV in March 2023 and weighed in on the topic of snitching and offered up his take on the difference between being a snitch and seeking justice.


“I just feel like sometimes the whole concept of no snitching, people don’t understand the parameters of,” Joc began. “If one of my family members or somebody under my care, under my umbrella, under my family tree is murdered senselessly and I see you but the police catch you? So you gotta ask the streets, am I supposed to say, ‘No, that’s not him,’ so he walks? And when he walks, what’s gon’ happen? Either I or somebody affiliated with me is gon’ go retaliate seeking vengeance for that person we lost.”

He went on: “Now if you go and kill him, then he dies and now another one of ours is locked away or possibly killed trying to kill him. When if the police already got him, it’s his crime and I can actually serve justice to the people on my side. That’s not snitching.


“People say taking the stand, ‘Oh you not supposed to affiliate no kind of way.’ What ungoverned society are you living in? The average person talking like that probably don’t even got a bank account or pay taxes. It’s a certain disconnect.”

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