Woman encourages husband’s suspected killers to repent, find The Lord hours after suspects’ arrest in deadly carjacking

Paola Díaz says her husband of two years and the father of their 7-year-old son was a hardworking, loving man.


She had no idea that Thursday morning would be the last time she saw her husband, Jose Díaz, alive.

She says Jose left around 11 a.m. without telling her where he was going, which wasn’t like him. She says he promised to return, and she didn’t push the issue.


Paola says she expected to hear from Jose because he always texts her but when she couldn’t reach him, she began to pray. She says she noticed a helicopter in the sky, but what happened next was unimaginable.


Around 3 o’clock, Paola says investigators knocked on her door and showed her a picture of her husband’s ring. She soon learned he had been murdered at the Cambridge Crossing complex on Dairy Ashford right across the street. Investigators say he was robbed and carjacked.


Detectives say they were able to track Jose’s stolen vehicle, which still had blood inside, to First Colony Mall where they arrested three suspects. While Diaz’ wife is happy they’re off the streets, she says she isn’t angry with them.


In fact, she’s offering them a message rooted in love.


She says she has no hate for the killers instead as a strong Christian, she believes God gives everyone the opportunity to repent and be forgiven and saved.

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