Texas 6-year-old hospitalized, father killed after being struck by lightning

A Texas father was killed after he and his son were struck by lightning on May 15.




34-year-old Matthew Boggs and 6-year-old Grayson Boggs suffered this tragic accident in Bosque County, Texas, which is northwest of Waco, wrote NBCDFW.




Boggs had two sons, and he was waiting for their bus after school in their driveway when they were struck by lightning.




“Matthew and Grayson took one side (of the driveway) and Elijah went on the other side and Matthew had just reached down and grabbed Grayson’s hand and said, ‘I love you, buddy,’ when the lightning hit,” Stephanie Burris, Bogg’s cousin, told NBCDFW.




Bosque County Sheriff’s Department deputies later arrived to the scene. Boggs died near his home, and the child was unresponsive but still breathing. The other child was not hurt.




According to NBCDFW, the accident caused the 6-year-old to have several medical problems and a severe brain injury.




The child is at a medical center in Temple.




“It’s really hard to see anyone you love in a hospital bed. It’s even harder when it’s a child,” Burris said while crying. “We’ve been told that he will never be the same rambunctious full-of-life kid that he once was.”




The child is slowly improving, and his organs are stabilizing.




Burris told NBCDFW that what other people can do is pray for the boy to heal.

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