Suspect fires gun in club parking lot, crashes into building in southwest Houston, police say

A business was destroyed after a person crashed into the building in southwest Houston. The suspect allegedly fired a gun in a club’s parking lot before the wreck, according to police.


The incident happened early Saturday near Willowbend Boulevard and Craighead Drive. David Wheeler, the building owner’s father, said it is a commissary where they prepare food for two restaurants: Candelari’s Italiano and Enoteca Roso.

KPRC 2 obtained video of the scene of the crash. You can see the large truck almost all the way into the building.


The rubble was falling around the vehicle.


On Saturday, the driver left the area after the shooting, lost control while going over railroad tracks, then ultimately crashed into the building. The suspect ran away from the scene.


“Why? What was that all about? When the police have you just give it up. They’re going to find you anyway. They’re going to find you. They always do,” Wheeler said.


He said the building’s power was cut off when they arrived. They have surveillance cameras, and they are hoping to check them when the power turns back on.


Wheeler said two women work at the location, and now they are likely temporarily out of a job.


The business owners have a long road to recovery, and they want the person responsible to be caught. Police have not identified the suspect at the moment.

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