Smoke shop employee fatally shoots man who attacked him in north Harris County

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said one person is dead after a disturbance at a north Harris County smoke shop escalated to gunshots being fired.

According to Sgt. Jason Brown with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the incident happened at around 5 p.m.


Brown said a man entered the smoke shop and began attacking an employee. The employee attempted to run away from the man and exited the smoke shop, running down the sidewalk to a standalone emergency room.


At some point during the altercation, the man was able to take a stick away from the employee and began beating him with it. Brown said it was at this time the employee pulled out a handgun and shot the man multiple times.


The employee ran inside the emergency room where the man followed him and continued trying to attack him. Brown said the employee shot the man at least two more times inside the emergency room where the man then collapsed.


Staff of the emergency room treated the man who was shot. He was then transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.


Brown said the entire altercation was captured on surveillance video and after reviewing the footage, they believe the shooting was justified.


The employee is cooperating with the investigation and authorities do not expect any charges to be filed. It will be submitted to the district attorney’s office and reviewed by a grand jury at a later date.


Brown said the man who was shot is said to be known to the smoke shop and has caused problems there before. He said the man has been issued criminal trespass warnings from the business.


The employee did suffer some injuries in the attack. Brown said they believe the employee suffered a broken arm and also has numerous contusions on his head and body.

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