Seema Deo Biography, Husband, Age, Family, Films

Seema Deo Biography, Husband, Age, Family, Films
Seema Deo Biography, Husband, Age, Family, Films

Seema Deo was born and brought up in Girgaum, Mumbai. She was married to actor Ramesh Deo. They had two sons, actor Ajinkya Deo and director Abhinay Deo. She was suffered from Alzheimer’s disease in the last years of her life Seema Deo died on 24 August 2023, at the age of 81.

In recent news, it was reported that Seema Deo, a respected and famous veteran actress and Abhinav Deo’s mother, has passed away at the age of 81. It is known that her legacy in film field and influenced her son’s career and the work is remembered. Follow us for all new details and updates. Originally, Seema Deo was named Nalini Saraf and she made a name for herself in Hindi and Marathi cinema with her profound acting skills and prowess. She began her commendable journey spanning more than five decades and was born on March 27, 1940.

Who is Seema Deo’s husband?

Without a doubt, she left an indelible mark on both industries. Reportedly, her filmography has augmented an impressive list of more than 80 Marathi and Hindi films, which serves as a reminder of her enduring influence. Her acting was critically acclaimed and her sharing of the screen with fellow directors and actors has elevated her cinematic journey in general. However, her influential contributions span both Marathi and Hindi cinema, which has made its mark in the industry as a reminder of her artistic side.

Personally, she shares a marital relationship with Ramesh Deo and has Abhinay Deo as their son and Ajinkya Deo as their daughter. She is known for her versatile and well-lit cinematic scene, which has made significant contributions to Indian cinema. However, her legacy continues to pass. She is definitely a symbol of excellence and passion for the arts. The cause of her tragic death was discovered to be the inevitable effect of age. For the past three years, she has battled Alzheimer’s disease, which gradually robs her of her memory and vitality.

His son, Abhinay Deo shared insights from her journey, explaining how Alzheimer’s disease and dementia removed her ability to function. Over time, her situation worsened and eventually led to her death. Seema Deo’s final ritual will take place at Shivaji Park at 5pm, a poignant moment marking the end of an illustrious life. It is known that her husband, Ramesh Deo, a bright star of both Hindi and Marathi cinema, passed away in 2022 at the age of 93.

Seema Deo’s legacy extends to her two sons, a poignant reminder of her enduring influence. She is survived by actor Ajinkya Deo and filmmaker Abhinay Deo. Her presence resonated and touched the hearts of many. Seema Deo’s career spanned more than 5 decades and she continued to act well into her later years. Her commitment to the profession and her ability to adapt to changing times were evident in her performances.


Year Title Role Notes
1960 Miya Bibi Razi Rajni
1960 Jagachya Pathivar Blind Young Girl
1961 Bhabhi Ki Chudiyan Prabha
1963 Molkarin
1966 Dus Lakh Devki
1968 Saraswatichandra Alak
1971 Anand Suman Kulkarni
1972 Koshish Teacher
1973 Kashmakash Manmohan’s wife
1974 Kora Kagaz Archana’s Aunt
1975 Sunehra Sansar Shobha
1986 Naseeb Apna Apna Kishen’s mother
1987 Sansar Godavari Sharma
1989 Hamaar Dulha
2010 Jetaa Sumati Rajadhyaksha

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