Saroop Roshi Biography, Wiki, Net Worth, Family, Boyfriend

Saroop Roshi Biography, Wiki, Net Worth, Family, Boyfriend

Saroop Roshi Biography, Wiki, Net Worth, Family, Boyfriend

Saroop Roshi Miss World Malaysia 2023: Saroop Roshi was crowned the winner of Miss World Malaysia 2023. She won this pageant against Natalie Ang from Penang and Shu Wen Chai from Sabah. Saroop won RM15,000, sponsored products and services as well as RM25,000 worth of jewelery in the grand finale held at the Sabah International Convention Centre, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. On the other hand, the first and second runners-up walked away with RM5,000 and RM2,000 respectively.

Who is Saroop Roshi?

The winner of Miss World Malaysia 2023, Saroop Josh is from Perak. She is 24 years old and 176 cm tall. Saroop is a psychologist, model and travel enthusiast who beat more than 13 other contestants before winning this coveted national title.

Earlier, Saropp participated in the Miss Grand Malaysia pageant and came out as the first runner-up and also won the title of Miss Global Malaysia 2019. When asked why she should be the next Miss World Malaysia 2023, she said: “I should be the next Miss World Malaysia 2023 .. because for the last four years I have been working on a problem that is of critical importance to our country, but has been neglected for many years,” as mentioned by

She went on to add, “It’s time for me to work with the Miss World Malaysia organization and the (beauty pageant) queens to bring real, tangible change to our country.”

Saroop Roshi’s Net Worth

In fact, today we are informing you here that 24-year-old psychologist and model Sarup Roshi has won the title of Miss World Malaysia 2023 by beating 13 other contestants. She sealed her victory against last year’s winner, Wenanita Angang. You are going to get information about Saroop Roshi’s net worth in this article.

At the Malaysia Miss World Competition 2023, Saroop Roshi stood first. And Natalie Ang Ai Dee and Chai Shu Wen were the first and second runners-up, respectively. And Poland’s reigning Miss World, Karolina Bielawska, added to the atmosphere as a special guest. So let’s try to introduce you to all the important facts about Saroop Roshi’s net worth in this article.

2023 Saroop Roshi Net Worth Overview 


Article Title Saroop Roshi Net Worth
Saroop Roshi net Worth 10-15 billion dollar nearby
Authority Miss World Malaysia
Year 2023
Winner of 72th Miss World Competition Saroop Rosh
First and Second Runner up Natalie Ang Ai Dee And Chai Shu Wen
Age and length of Saroop Roshi 22 years and 176 cm

Miss World Malaysia 2023

Make it clear to you that the information about the names of the first and second Miss World Malaysia runners-up has just been received by you, while the names of Vaishnavi Shivakumar Adeline Jayne Andrew and Alyssa Michael are included in the top six finalists. Malaysia 2023 Sarup Roshi, who participated in the 72nd Miss World Malaysia pageant, has started a community organization, Unmask Yourself, for his beauty-for-a-purpose project.

Saroop Roshi has caught our attention, as her name was included in the list of delegates prepared for the national competition. She is currently living in Kuala Lumpur. She is 22 years old and is 176 cm tall. His personality seems very attractive given his stature.

What is so special about Saroop Roshi?

Saroop and her social media platforms are quite famous in the crowd. She was an excellent influencer and mental health coach who helps and promotes suicide prevention programs by emphasizing the need to talk about mental health issues.

FAQs Related to Saroop Roshi’s Net Worth

How much is Saroop Roshi’s net worth?

Saroop Roshi’s network is worth around $10 billion to $15 billion dollars.

What is the height of Sarup Roshi?

Sarup Roshi’s height is 176 cm.

Which award was won by Sarup Roshi before Miss World Malaysia?

The award of Miss Global Malaysia in the year 2019 has also been registered by Sarup Roshi

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