Ralo has responded to the news that 21 Savage contacted his lawyer — and, perhaps surprisingly, he stood up for his longtime friend.


Fans of the “Street Honors” rapper will recall that he was recently accused of snitching, which didn’t go over very well with him. The paperwork, which started making the rounds on Monday (May 1), allegedly stated: “The specific information that Mr. Davis supposedly gave in the June 6th proffer against other persons, other alleged transactions, other alleged crimes” – which led the internet to launch the snitching label.

But the Gucci Mane artist — who was sentenced to eight years of Fed time for marijuana trafficking — subsequently released some papers that revealed that he didn’t tell on anyone but himself, which was a claim substantiated by 21 Savage himself.


Now, Ralo has taken to Twitter to clarify 21 Savage’s statement.

“21 Savage was never against me, he been knowing everything about my case since 2018,” he said. “None of this shit is new to him. That brother just sent me 40 thousand dollars to help me feed my family. He only called my lawyer to straighten shit up.”


In better Ralo news, however, he recently reunited with his daughter, having not been able to see her for five years thanks to his prison sentence.

While Ralo has been vocal about his prison struggles on Instagram, he experienced a brief moment of levity after he was able to hug his daughter for the first time since being incarcerated.


“I waited 5 long years just to be able to touch my daughter. As soon as I felt her little arms wrap around me in that visitation room it felt like my soul was released from my body,” he wrote alongside a photo of the heartwarming moment. “That shit felt so good that I’ll never forget that feeling. I never called myself a rapper due to the lame shit that goes on in the industry, but I can now honesty say I’m thankful for the rap game, because it helped me take care of my daughter and more my entire bid.

He continued, “This my last year being in prison, so I’m asking for yawl to go get, support, post and download my last album I’m dropping from jail #97Months thats on all sites right now. I’m thankful and this will help me continue to take care of my amazing daughter and others for these last 7 months.”

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