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Meek Mill is currently having a surreal moment after hearing an Artificial Intelligence-created rap song from his late father, Robert Parker.


The Philadelphia native lost his father to gun violence when he was a child, but thanks to AI, he was able to hear him again – albeit in a rather strange way.

“Ai wrote a rap about my dad and this what he said WTF,” Meek tweeted on Tuesday (May 9) along with a music video of his father’s rap that included an animated old photo of him with a moving mouth and nodding head.


“I died in a shootout, just trying to feed my fam/ But death couldn’t stop me, I’m back in the lab,” “Big Robbie” raps on the track over the instrumental to Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre’s 1999 track, “Bitch Please.” “My son Meek Mill and he’s the light of my life/ Gotta watch over him, I’m back from the afterlife.”

AI-generated songs have been coming out in waves lately, and Meek even recently praised a controversial AI-generated song from Drake and The Weeknd – despite Universal Music Group’s recent condemnation of it.


Meek’s support comes a day after UMG, to which Drizzy and The Weeknd are both currently signed, issued a statement on the song — which was titled “heart on my sleeve” — and removed the track from all streaming platforms after it racked up over 630,000 listens on Spotify alone.

Regardless, the Philadelphia rapper couldn’t help but admit the track is catchy, and said the AI tune just shows how desperately the world craves new music from Aubrey Graham and Abel Tesfaye.


“This my 5th time banging this and it’s flame,” Meek wrote on Twitter. “We need new music from y’all 2.”


Spotify is doing its part to crack down on the AI-generated songs, reportedly removing “tens of thousands” of them from their platform that were created using a new AI song creator company called Boomy.

However, XXL reports that the songs were actually removed for “artificial streaming” – a tactic that inflates song streams by using bots.


“Supporting artists and creators who use the Boomy platform is our top priority,” Spotify told XXL. “Boomy is categorically against any type of manipulation or artificial streaming, and we are working with industry partners to address this issue. Importantly, the curated delivery to Spotify of new releases by Boomy artists has been re-enabled.”

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