Machine Gun Kelly has thrown a few scorching shots toward Jack Harlow over one of Hip Hop’s most legendary pieces of production.


On Saturday (May 6),the Cleveland-bred rapper/rockstar dropped “Renegade Freestyle” which could be in response to Harlow recently proclaiming that he’s “the hardest white boy” to pick up a microphone since Eminem.

While rocking a hat and no shirt, Machine Gun Kelly served up scathing bars on a silver platter in his homies’ backyard. He also made sure to throw a few shots toward Jack Harlow as well.


“Make sure there’s no confusions/I’m a great white, I can eat these barracudas/See who I am? You’re stupid, it’s nice to meet you/I just put this hole in the ground for you like a soccer cleat shoe/I see why they call you Jackman, you jacked man’s whole swag/Give Drake his flow back, man, I eat rappers like Pac-Man,” he raps over the infectious beat.


Coincidentally, MGK chose to rap over “Renegade” which was produced by Eminem and Luis Resto and appeared on JAY-Z’s 2001 classic album The Blueprint.

In other Machine Gun Kelly news, he recently appeared alongside Cordae and freestyled over Central Cee’s viral hit “Doja.”


The original Central Cee anthem dropped in July of 2022 and instantly went viral on TikTok for its lyrics, including the oft-repeated, “How can I be homophobic? My bitch is gay.” With a Lyrical Lemonade video, Central Cee then became the first UK artist to have a video directed by Cole Bennett, and rappers have since started taking the Eve-approved beat and dropped their own bars over it.

Most recently, Cordae and MGK took over the track, with the latter shedding his new pop punk skin in favor of his rap roots.


“How can I be homosapien, I’m high as the alien/Both of my lungs are in training/I’m burning pounds not inside of a gymnasium/This off the cranium/This a nuclear weapon my bars are Uranium,” MGK rapped.

Cordae then took over: “How can I be misogynistic, I love all my bitches/Grandma used to whoop a n-gga with switches, that was way before the switches/I was just talking to kells and he told me pull up at the crib he gonna throw on a beat/You could be born in fucking Antartica promise that n-gga ain’t colder than me/ I was just talking to God and he told me I got it don’t worry it’s all taken care of/ y’all n-ggas stay on the blog I stay on the rise so please just do not compare us.”

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