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Elizabeth Holmes Seen In 1st Photo Inside Prison As She Serves 11 Year Sentence

The Theranos founder, who started her sentence four days ago, was wearing her prison uniform while walking outside, in the snapshot.

Elizabeth Holmes, 39, was photographed for the first time since beginning her 11-year prison sentence this week. The Theranos founder, who was convicted in 2022 on four counts of fraud in relation to her medical startup that took millions of dollars from investors, was walking in her uniform through the yard at a Federal Prison Camp Bryan in Bryan, TX. Her uniform included a dark brown T-shirt, beige sweatpants, and sneakers.

The mom-of-two also had her long hair down and added dark-framed glasses to her look. She wore a black watch and had a lanyard around her neck as well. Something was in her hand during the stroll, and her facial expression was serious.

Elizabeth’s latest photo comes after she was seen in photos that were taken when she entered the prison on May 30, after turning herself in. She wore a beige long-sleeved sweater and light blue jeans at the time. She also had her hair down with her glasses on her face and added white sneakers to the look.


It’s unclear exactly how Elizabeth’s time in prison will affect her, but Lynn Espejo, a former FPC Bryan inmate and now-criminal justice reform advocate, said that she was going to room with three other cellmates in a tight, concrete space, according to FOX Business. The start of the sentence also comes after her attorneys filed an appeal in Apr. to try and reduce her prison time, claiming she didn’t intend to deceive investors, but it was denied.

Elizabeth first stepped into the spotlight as founder and CEO of Theranos in 2014. The company falsely claimed that its technology could run hundreds of medical tests using just a few drops of blood. After she was convicted of fraud, she was sentenced to 11 years and three months in prison, and “three years of supervision” following her release from prison, which should be in 2034. She was also allowed to push back her original prison start date after she requested to make “medical and child-care arrangements” after giving birth to her second child three months ago.

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