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Boosie Badazz has opened up about some of his past sexual exploits while sharing his thoughts on Desiigner recently being arrested for allegedly exposing himself on a plane.




During a clip of an interview with VladTV posted on Sunday (May 7), the Baton Rouge artist was told that Desiigner has been accused of masturbating on a recent flight.


“So he just went dumb?” Boosie asked. “Aye, did he go head up with the bitch [allegedly referring to the flight attendant]? Oh he just jacked off? Oh, he fucked up. He need to go to that fucking hospital. He need to take his ass to that hospital.”




However, Boosie Badazz then went on to describe a situation where he could no longer control his own sexual urges on a flight.


“My dick get hard on the plane,” Boosie went on to explain. “It was a long plane ride. My dick get hard on the plane too. Go jack off in the bathroom. I dun did it before. Go jack off in the bathroom. Fucking right I did. I was watching Twitter one day. That bitch was — mayne I was on Twitter, I went and hit my shit in the bathroom. Fucking right.”




He also theorized that the “Panda” rapper developed a masturbation addiction in jail — specifically doing it while maintaining eye contact with a woman.


Desiigner was charged with indecent exposure following an April flight from Japan back home to the States and he decided it was time to get help. The Brooklyn native penned a heartfelt letter to fans letting them know he’d be going off the grid for a bit as he entered the facility.




“I turned 26 today and i want to thank ya’ll for holding me down,” he wrote to Instagram last week. “I admitted myself into a facility last week to focus on my mental health. But before that i had planned to release TIIMMY TURNER 2 this week as a surprise to my fans. I recorded this joint a while ago and it reflects on where i’ve been mentally over the past year.


“Sorry i can’t promote it the way i like to cause i’m off the grid, but i just want to give you some new music while i take time away to become a better me. I’m going through a tough time right now but i won’t let my struggles define who i am. I will come back stronger and make more music that connects with all of you on a deeper level.”




He added: “For those of you dealing with any mental health issues, it’s okay to ask for help.”


Desiigner was accused of exposing himself “multiple times” on the international flight and was reprimanded by stewardesses on board. The rapper was allegedly also caught masturbating at one point.




The 26-year-old provided a statement to TMZ following the incident, in which he claimed his prescription medication was what caused everything to go down, but that he’d also been dealing with mental health struggles for quite some time, and he was finally going to seek help for them.

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