Aunt of missing woman slams former Red Sox star’s son as a ‘beast’ after murder-suicide involving 8-year-old: ‘I’m just devastated’

A Boston Red Sox star’s son — who allegedly murdered his young child before committing suicide — is a “beast,” a relative of the boy claims.


George Scott III, 54, whose father played first base for the Red Sox, and his 8-year-old son Dante, were found dead Friday in their New Bedford, Mass., home, authorities said.

The apparent murder-suicide came as authorities recently searched Scott’s home in relation to the March 2019 disappearance of Dante’s mother, Lisa Hazard, 29, according to reports.


Scott was a person of interest in Hazard’s disappearance. The child’s death came a day after his eighth birthday, relatives said.


Lisa Hazard’s aunt slammed Scott in a stinging social media post after news of the apparent murder-suicide emerged.


Crystal Wohlgemuth, Hazard’s aunt, wrote she believes Scott III also killed her niece — then killed the son they shared and committed suicide to avoid being caught.

“Let the truth be told that bastard killed my gorgeous niece [and] now her handsome son,” Wohlgemuth wrote. “One of the saddest days of my life known what I knew all along that George had a lot to do [with] the disappearance, [and] I kept telling my niece [he] was the guy and when he realized that he was found out, he was going to go to jail.”


Wohlgemuth also criticized investigators looking into Hazard’s disappearance. The young mom was last seen leaving her mother’s house in Fall River, Mass., on March 5, 2019.

“I’m just devastated – But you knew it was him,” Wohlgemuth wrote. “I had a maddd [sic]feeling. Wish the police did the job they should have done from day one. Now we don’t lose Lisa but we have to bury her son as well.”


Others who said they were friends of Hazard’s also slammed those probing Hazard’s case.

“I’m devastated and furious,” Cassandra Checo wrote on Facebook. “We said it for years. I knew it was him. Police failed my friend and her son.”

Authorities searched the home Scott shared with Dante a month ago, though the search warrants have since been sealed by a judge, NBC Boston reported.

Neighbor Richard Magan told WCBV he saw authorities take a vehicle from the home during the search, which he initially thought was a repossession.


Meanwhile, Dante Hazard had just celebrated his eighth birthday Thursday, the day before his body was found, according to a post by Hazard’s sister, Christina Rosas Hazard.

“Today we celebrate you turning 8 years old!…LISA, I miss you…WE miss you” Christina Hazard wrote.


In August 2022, Christina Hazard gave an update on her sister’s case, which she said had been assigned to a new detective.


“Lisa got another new detective, We still don’t have any updates on anything, just that they are looking into a few ‘things,’ She wrote. “So if anyone knows or sees anything here’s the new detective information, We will not stop fighting you my beautiful sister.”

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