Attorney files lawsuit on behalf of worker injured in deadly Conroe construction collapse

A worker who was among seven injured after a house he was building collapsed during a thunderstorm this week filed a lawsuit against the company builder on Friday.

Attorney Mo Aziz filed the lawsuit against Lennar on behalf of Omar Medina. Medina, along with nine workers were working on a home on the second floor when it collapsed.


The lawsuit, according to Aziz, alleged that Lennar did not provide an emergency action plan for the workers during weather events, nor provided guidance such as evacuation orders, per federal regulations.


“Construction sites, similar to refineries and oil and gas production sites, should have a severe weather plan. Lennar Homes did nothing to protect these men, despite it being a well-known industry standard to have policies and procedures in place to prevent injuries or death during a severe weather event such as this.” said Attorney Aziz.


The collapse occurred on Tuesday at a construction site in Conroe’s new Ladera Creek subdivision. According to a news release, the workers on site were building a two-story home when severe weather rolled in.


Two of them died, while seven workers were hurt.


KPRC 2 has reached out to Lennar for comment but has not yet heard back.

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