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2 Chainz‘s son Halo has shared some insights into what booking him would cost — and you won’t believe what it would set you back.




In a clip from the latest episode of the Atlanta rapper’s podcast with his son, Me and Halo, the father and son duo assessed what it would take to be booked, with Halo making it clear that he’s just like his dad and plays no games when it comes to getting the bag.


ebody wanna book me, I’m talking at least like $50,000,” the seven year old said as his father’s face filled with surprise.




It was noted, however, that if you didn’t have a lot of money, he would take a lower rate, maybe even as low as $500.


2 Chainz shares three children — Heaven, Harmony, and Halo — with his wife Kesha Ward, whom he married in 2018.


He pulled out all the stops for their long-awaited ceremony including dolling out $300,000 to host the wedding at the Gianni Versace Mansion and renting a white tiger for the ceremony.




In another recent episode of the father and son podcast, the pair played a round of “Are You Smarter Than A 1st Grader” – and needless to say, 2 Chainz did not succeed.


“What temperature does water freeze?” Halo asked him.




“Water can freeze at – wait, let me think,” Chainz began. “Minus 20 degrees or something… Water? You get on my nerves bro. Minus 30 degrees?”




“Oh you are so close!” Halo replied before telling his dad the correct answer of 32 degrees.


“I’m kind of smart ain’t I?” 2 Chainz asked after failing – and Halo had a very particular answer.




“Yeah, to count out money,” he said. “To count out money.”


Earlier this year, 2 Chainz secured another piece of NBA history for Halo after Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant gifted him his All-Star Game jersey.




Chainz mixed business with pleasure during his time in Salt Lake City, Utah, while attending the NBA All-Star Game.

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